Why Bitcoin and altcoins crashed today?

Crypto currency news timeline across the globe 06.12.2021 8:00 am – Bitcoin and altcoins m-cap At 8 am on 6th Dec’21, the Crypto currencies total market cap is about $2.2 trillion from the all time high of about $3 trillion in Nov’21. So, the whole crypto market is down about 27% from its all time high. WillContinue reading “Why Bitcoin and altcoins crashed today?”

Best Crypto currency exchanges in India

What is Crypto currency exchange? Crypto currency exchange is a platform where a user can buy and sell crypto currencies or coins. Here, coin means bitcoin or altcoin. Altcoin is a term for coins other than bitcoin. Jump directly to major sections: Wazirx Crypto currency exchange CoinDCX Crypto currency exchange CoinSwitch Kuber Crypto currency exchange zebpayContinue reading “Best Crypto currency exchanges in India”

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