Nepotism in Politics, Sports, Film and Business!

Nepotism : what is nepotism?:

Dictionary says “the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs, is called nepotism”. So, does the Nepotism in Politics, Sports, Film and Business exist?

Nepotism in Politics, Sports, Film and Business!
Nepotism in Politics, Sports, Film and Business!

Nepotism will be there, where a person sets up a system to take care of himself and his relatives by corruption with power, money or favour. When he manage to mange all in his favour by hook or by crook. It is widely felt by us in almost all the fields.

But is the reverse also true? means if relative or friend gets job in the same field of person in power / fame, then should we label them as nepotism? If one gets successful after hard struggle in any field, his/her next generation, son / daughter / relatives see those struggles and they might get influenced by him.

Nepotism in Bollywood or Indian movies or south Indian movies!

After the death of Sushant singh Rajput, nepotism has become the hot-word in our society. So, is this the reason for the death or not, we don’t know. We recently widely debated about the nepotism found in Bollywood or in movies of India. How the successful father/mother influence his/her son/daughter for acting in the films. Even if many actors from reputed acting school like NSD (National school of drama) are in the industry, but the ‘meaty’ role usually goes to the actors belong to those elite group.

But we must not forget, in the age of Kapoor and Chopra era, Rajesh khanna, Amitabh Bachhan, Shahrukh khan etc. are the leading examples in front of us, who has achieved on the basis of talent. Equally, we have also seen several star-kids having flop shows in this industry.

Also, last but not the least, just think that if I am successful in my field, then what should I teach to my children? Since I am already successful here, so you can’t join my industry; go find some other interest due to the fear of labeling nepotism tag.

Nepotism in Indian Politics!

In Indian politics, we have several examples of nepotism or family tradition of joining politics, whether he/she is capable or not. Below are some of the examples of son, daughter or relatives joining the politics after one gets a place for himself. Some leaders are presently holding the post and some are retired.

Nepotism in Indian Politics!
Nepotism in Indian Politics! (Source: Wikipedia and news articles)

Nepotism in Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)!:

Here is the tentative list of Nepotism in Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). There is no judgment here, only the fact.

1Ved Prakash Goyal (Ex-Minister)Piyush Goyal (Minister) – Son of Ved Prakash Goyal2Rajnath Singh (Defence Minister)Pankaj Singh (MLA) – Son of Rajnath Singh
3Amit Shah (Home Minister)Jay Shah (BCCI Secretary) – Son of Amit Shah4Debendra Pradhan (Ex-Minister)Dharmendra Pradhan (Minister) – Son of Debendra Pradhan
5Prem Kumar Dhumal (Ex-CM of HP)Anurag Singh Thakur (Sports Minister) – Son of Prem Kumar Dhumal6Madhavrao Scindia (Ex-Minister)Jyotiraditya Scindia (Minister) – Son of Madhavrao Scindia
7Narayan Rane (Ex-CM Maha)Nitesh Rane (MLA) – Son of Narayan Rane8Rinchin Rijiju (Ex-speaker of AP)Kiren Rijiju (Minister) – Son of Rinchin Rijiju
9Ch. Birender Singh (Minister)Brijendra Singh (MP) -Son of Birender Singh10Rao Birender Singh (Ex-CM Haryana)Rao Inderjit Singh (Minister) – Son of Rao Birender Singh
11BS Yediyurappa (Ex-CM Karn.)BY Raghavendra  (MP) – Son of BSY12BS Yediyurappa (Ex-CM Karn.)BY Vijayendra (Karnataka BJP Chief) – Son of BSY
13Gangadharrao Fadnavis (Ex-MLC)Devendra Fadnavis (Dy. CM Maha.) – Son of Gangadhar rao Fadnavis14Vasundhara Raje (Ex-CM Rajasthan)Dushyant Singh (MP) – Son of Vasundhara Raje
15CP Thakur (Ex-Minister)Vivek Thakur (MP) – Son of CP Thakur16Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil (Ex-Minister)Sujay Vikhe Patil (MP) – Son of Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil
17Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna (Ex-CM UP)Rita Bahuguna Joshi (MP) – Daughter of Hemwati Bahuguna18Ramapati Ram Tripathi (MP)Sharad Tripathi (Ex-MP) – Son of Ramapati Ram Tripathi
19Chandra Shekhar (Ex-PM)Neeraj Shekhar Singh (MP) – Son of Chandra Shekhar20Kalyan Singh (Ex-CM)Rajveer Singh (MP) – Son of Kalyan Singh
21Sahib Singh Verma (Ex-CM)Parvesh Verma (MP) – Son of Sahib Singh Verma22Pramod Mahajan (Ex-Minister)Poonam Mahajan (MP) – Daughter of Pramod Mahajan
23Maneka Gandhi (MP)Varun Gandhi (MP) – son of Maneka Gandhi 24Bangaru Laxman (Ex-Minister)Bangaru Shruti (Lost from Nagarkurnool) – Daughter of Bangaru Laxman
25Gopinath Munde (Ex-Minister)Pankaja Munde (Ex-Minister) – Daughter of Gopinath Munde26L. A. Ravi Subramanya (MLA)Tejasvi Surya (MP) – Nephew of L. A. Ravi Subramanya
27Raosaheb Danve (Minister)Santosh Danve (MLA) – son of Raosaheb Danve28Raman Singh (Ex-CM)Abhishek Singh (Ex-MP) – son of Raman Singh

Nepotism in Sports Association or Nepotism in Cricket!

Like in movies and politics, several people have controlled the sports body / association / academy for 10 to 40 years by himself or son or relatives. Below are some examples of that in which Some leaders are presently holding the post and some are retired.: (Source: The Print for some parts)

Nepotism in Sports Association or Nepotism in Cricket!
Nepotism in Sports Association or Nepotism in Cricket!(Source: Wikipedia and news articles)

Nepotism in Business!

In business, it is mostly seen in India and worldwide that successor is always from within the family. Like recently Roshni Nadar Malhotra took over as Chairperson in HCL Tech replacing Shiv Nadar, founder of company, an IT company, while Rashid Premji is already chairperson of Wipro replacing Azim Premji, founder of IT company. So, even new-age companies can’t think beyond family, it seems.

Now, based on the above examples, it can be nepotism or talent, you have to think. Because many genuine cases are also here and many not.

Disclaimer: Author or website does not indicate in any manner that the nepotism exist in any field. The above examples may contain some error in Name, post or relation. Kindly verify person’s official site in case of any confusion.

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