How much mobile consumes electricity?

Today we all almost are using mobiles be it simple basic phone or smartphone and we have to charge it also regularly. Also we use tablet, laptop etc. in our home. So, one thing always comes in mind that since mobile charging is necessary but how much electricity is consumed by mobile?

Mobile users enjoying themselves

The answer of above question depends on the mobile’s battery and mobile charger. The battery and charger are of many types. Higher the capacity, higher the electricity requirement. In a typical home of 4 people, the number of mobile, tablet and laptop will be 4 mobiles, 1 tablet and 1 laptop. So, what would be monthly power requirement for a small home? Let’s see.

Types of batteries in Mobile:

Mobile battery-Li-ion
Mobile battery-Li-ion

Li-ion and Li-Polymer

Battery may be a factor in deciding the cost of mobile, weight of mobile and design of mobile. The comparison of both the popular batteries for mobile are given below in the table.

1Energy capacityHighRelatively low
2Size/Form factorBulkyflexible , can take even shape of credit card
4Over-voltage protectionNeeds circuit on boardNo need
Li-ion and Li-Polymer comparison

Electricity consumption by Mobile batteries:

For individual mobile, the unit (kwh) consumed, its hourly charge and monthly bill is shown in the below table for different types of mobile chargers.

Mobile chargers of different types
Mobile chargers of different types

Chargers of different types and consumtion:

Mobile chargers of different types
Mobile chargers of different types

So, for a family of 4 mobiles, the bill may be calculated 4 times the individual monthly charge. This will help in deciding the mobile. The rate of electricity is different across the world, so this will also change as per the region, and the monthly electricity bill.

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