AICPIN-IW, DA, DR and allowances for Employees and Pensioners

1. AICPIN–IW for DA of CPSE, Central Govt, Bank employees & Pensioners

2. Dearness Allowances (DA) hike for Central Govt. Employees

3. Dearness Relief (DR) for Pensioners and Family Pensioners

4. IDA for CPSE, PSU and Govt. employees

5. Dearness Allowances, DA for Bank employees of 11th & 10th BPS

6. Dearness Relief, DR hike of Bank Pensioners and Family pensioners

7. Dearness Allowances (DA) for Indian Army, Indian Navy, Air force

8. Risk & Hardship and other Allowances of Indian Army, Navy, Air force

9. HRA increment for central govt. employees (7th cpc) from 1st July 2021

10. HRA increment for CPSE or PSU employees (3rd PRC) from 1st July 2021