Corona virus in India

Indians affected from Corona virus – UPDATES:

As on 30.03.2020, TOTAL NO. OF INFECTED PERSONS = 1024, DEATHS = 27.

Corona virus in India - 3D representation
Corona virus in India – 3D representation

Corona virus all over world:

Corona virus, nCoV, known as COVID-19, has come into existence from Hubei, China since Dec’ 19. And since then it has spread to about 3 lakh people across the world, in about all over world till now. Now, corona virus in India also is spreading rapidly.

Corona Virus Helpline in India:

  1. Helpline Number for corona virus : 91-11-23978046 (As per Health Ministry of India)
  2. Helpline Email ID for corona virus  : (As per Health Ministry of India)
  3. Helpline number of Noida administration : 8076623612 / 6396776904

Corona virus in India:

In India, in February 1st week, three (3) persons were infected in Kerala state from Thrissur, Alapuzha and other districts. They all were imported case of carrying virus from China.

But, 2nd Mar onwards, again this deadly virus has raised its head and 2 positive imported cases have been confirmed, one from Delhi, another from Telangana. This does not sound well for our country. Our public transport system of Metro, train, bus, all remain usually filled to its capacity. Since this virus is spreading from sneezing, coughing, sweating, so it is very difficult to isolate from these conditions.

Meanwhile, our PM Narendra Modi has also tried to calm the people and not to panic. He has stressed upon the self protection. He has done meeting regarding the latest turn of events of this virus and shared updates on his Twitter handle.

PM Modi on Corona update after meeting on Twitter

Is India prepared to fight with corona virus?

In India, several measures have been taken to fight this deadly corona virus:

  1. Maharashtra has closed all public places in 5 districts till Mar 31.
  2. UP government has also declared it pandemic and closed all schools till Mar 22.
  3. IPL shifted to April 15, IND-SA ODIs also cancelled.
  4. WHO has declared it as pandemic.
  5. Government of India has suspended all visas to India from Mar 13 to April 15.
  6. Manesar camp, Delhi Government Hospitals are ready with isolation wards for infected patients.
  7. Mumbai, Karnataka, Northeast state’s hospitals and airports special health cell for screening are ready to test and quarantine the patients.
  8. 31 New labs are being ready for detecting corona test.
  9. Many Airlines has suspended or reduced number of flights with affected countries including China, Singapore, South Korea, Iran etc.
  10. After rescuing Indians from China, Ship in Japan, now Government has rescued from other affected countries like Iran, Italy also.

Symptoms of Corona virus:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

Prevention and Medicine / Vaccine:

From corona virus, prevention is the best cure at present. Since there is no medicine or vaccine available till now anywhere in the world, so all depends on the isolation and recovery through immune system strength. (Source: WHO)

(Source: WHO)
  1. Hand wash with soap regularly for at least 20 sec.
  2. Use N95 mask in public place or public transport.
  3. Avoid raw or uncooked animal food.

What to do in case of positive symptoms?:

  1. Kindly consult your doctor for treatment.
  2. Inform to health ministry officials in case for positive result.
  3. Try to isolate yourself from family and people.

What Doctors and Experts say?

  1. Dr. Trehan says best treatment is prevention.
  2. Dr. Trehan says maintain distance of 2 metre from the patient.
  3. Dr. Harshvardhan, India’s Health minister stressed on self preventing and taking more fruits, yoga etc.
  4. There is no specific therapy. Treatment is symptomatic,” Dr Anant Mohan, Pulmonary Medicine Department, AIIMS.

Major Impacts on world:

  1. USA has closed its doors for EU countries except England.
  2. Crash of stock markets worldwide more than 20%.
  3. ASEAN conference has been suspended.
  4. Schools, offices, factories etc. are closed resulting in the loss of economy.
  5. Loss to sectors especially Airlines, Hotels, Tourism etc.
  6. Olympics 2020 in Japan may be postponed as per Japan’s Olympic minister Seiko Hashimoto in 3rd March tweet.
  7. Milan, 2020 to be held by 30 participating countries at vishakhapattanam, has been cancelled.
  8. PM Modi’s Dhaka trip cancelled over corona virus scare on 09.03.2020.
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