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Asian Games 2023 will be played between 23rd September 2023 to 8th October 2023 in Hangzhou, China. The 19th edition of Asian games was to be played in 2022 but due to covid, it will be played in 2023. China will be 3rd time host of Asian games – 1st in Beijing in 1990 and 2nd in Guangzhou in 2010.

About 10,000 athletes will compete in this Asian games for 483 gold medals. (source:hangzhou2022.cn/En/)

Emblem of Asian Games 2023
Summary of Hangzhou Asian Games 2023

Schedules of Asian Games 2023:

Opening Ceremony Asian Games 2023 : 23/09/2023

Closing Ceremony Asian Games 2023 : 08/10/2023

(Source: wikipedia)

OC – Opening ceremony, ● – Event competitions, 1 – Event finals, CC – Closing ceremony

Schedules of Asian Games 2023

Venues and Stadiums of different sports of Asian Games 2023:

  1. Host Country of Asian Games 2023 : People’s Republic of China
  2. Host City of Asian Games 2023 : Hangzhou
  3. Co-Host City of Asian Games 2023 : Ningbo, Wenzhou, Huzhou, Shaoxing, Jinhua
  4. Main venue of Asian Games 2023: Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center, Hangzhou, China
  5. No. of Stadiums to be used for Asian Games 2023: 44
Venues or Competition zones of Asian Games 2023

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium :

Nicknamed “the Big Lotus”, it is the main stadium for Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, which also functions as the venue for athletics.

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium
Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Squash Court :

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Squash Court
Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Squash Court

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Aquatic Sports Arena:

The competition and training venue for swimming, diving, artistic swimming in Asian Games Hangzhou 2022.

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Aquatic Sports Arena
Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Aquatic Sports Arena

Chun’an Jieshou Sports Centre Velodrom:

The competition venue for cycling track at Asian Games Hangzhou 2022.

Chun'an Jieshou Sports Centre Velodrom
Chun’an Jieshou Sports Centre Velodrom

Ticket booking of Hangzhou Asian games 2023:

The ticket booking process has been started yet. Hangzhou is giving 1 million Asian Games tickets in 1 million gift packs for international visitors. The official website to book ticket of games played in Hangzhou Asian games is ticket.hangzhou2022.cn/en/#/home.

People from countries other than China can book ticket of Hangzhou Asian games 2023 through ATR (Authorised Ticket Resellers). List of ATRs are here.

Ticket booking can be done in 2 steps –

  1. Registration and Pre-sales (8th July to 6th August).
  2. Then, the real-time sales stage (14th August to 8th October) will be held.

Ticket price of Hangzhou Asian games 2023:

Ticket price of Hangzhou Asian games 2023 has been announced now. The ticket price of Hangzhou Asian games 2023 has been kept in the range of ¥ 20 (Rs. 230) to ¥ 200 (Rs. 2300) (Currency of China). But majority of ticket prices have been kept ¥ 50 (Rs. 575) and ¥ 100 (Rs. 1150).

Note : 1 Chinese Yuan = Rs. 12 (approx.)

How to visit Hangzhou for Asian games 2023?

Hangzhou is only 180 kilometres from Shanghai. Hangzhou city is served by the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, which is connected to many cities globally.

After reaching to Hangzhou, you can activate the benefits by downloading the Alipay app to get the Asian Games One Pass QR code for free passes to subway and tourist attractions. For international visitors, the “Smart Hangzhou 2022” mini programme is the first one-stop digital service platform to get anything.

Mascot of Asian Games 2023:

Congcong, Lianlian and Chenchen are the 3 mascots of the Asian Games 2023, known collectively as the “Memories of Jiangnan”.

Mascot of Asian Games 2023

Official slogan or motto of Asian Games 2023:

Official slogan or motto of Asian Games 2023: Heart to Heart, @Future

Official slogan or motto of Asian Games 2023

Sports or Games to be played in Asian Games 2023:

There will be 40 sports having 61 disciplines at Hangzhou Asian Games. During these 15 competition days, athletes will compete for 483 gold medals. (Source:OCA)

Sports or Games to be played in Asian Games 2023
Sports or Disciplines to be played in Hangzhou Asian Games 2023
AQ-AQUATICSAS-Artistic Swimming, ADV-Diving, AMS-Marathon Swimming, ASW-Swimming, AWP-WaterpoloJU-JUDOJU-JUDO
BK-BASKETBALLB33-Basketball 3X3, B55-Basketball 5X5RS-ROLLER SPORTSRoller Skating, Skateboarding
CY-CYCLINGCBM-Cycling BMX, CRD-Cycling Road, CTK-Cycling Track, CMB-Mountain BikeSO-SOFTBALLSO-SOFTBALL
GY-GYMNASTICSGAG-Artistic Gymnastics, GRG-Rhythmic Gymnastics, GTR-TrampolineVB-VOLLEYBALLVB-VOLLEYBALL, VBB-Beach Volleyball,

Participating Countries in the Asian Games 2023:

All the 45 countries or National Olympic Committees who are members of the Olympic Council of Asia are expected to send to China for Asian Games 2023.

Participating Countries in the Asian Games 2023

Where to watch LIVE Hangzhou Asian games 2022 / 2023 ?

Sony Pictures Networks India, (SPN) has got the right of Hangzhou Asian games 2023 for TV viewers in India and OTT platform Sony LIV will relay the live Asian games 2023. So, Indians can watch Hangzhou Asian games 2023 live on Sony sports network channels on TV and Sony LIV on OTT.

Official video for Asian games 2023:

Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games village video (official):


This Asian games village Hangzhou is for 10000 athletes, 4000 technical officials and 5000 media reporters and it is spread in an area of 1.13 square kilometers. Also, during the Asian Para Games, 3,800 athletes and 1,500 team officials will spend their time in this Asian Games village.

Medals inaugration of Asian Games 2023:

Medals inaugration of Asian Games 2023

History of Asian Games:

History of Asian Games
EditionYearHost cityHost countryNationsCompetitorsSportsEventsTop
11951New Delhi India11489657 Japan
21954Manila Philippines18970876 Japan
31958Tokyo Japan1618201397 Japan
41962Jakarta Indonesia1214601388 Japan
51966Bangkok Thailand16194514143 Japan
61970Bangkok Thailand 16240013135 Japan
71974Tehran Iran19301016202 Japan
81978Bangkok Thailand 19384219201 Japan
91982New Delhi India23341121147 China
101986Seoul South Korea22483925270 China
111990Beijing China36612227310 China
121994Hiroshima Japan42682834338 China
131998Bangkok Thailand41655436377 China
142002Busan South Korea44771138419 China
152006Doha Qatar45952039424 China
162010Guangzhou China45970442476 China
172014Incheon South Korea45950137439 China
 Indonesia451130046465 China
192022Hangzhou ChinaFuture event    
202026Aichi-Nagoya JapanFuture event    
212030Doha Qatar     
222034RiyadhSaudi Arabia     

India’s medal tally and Rank in the Asian Games:

India's medal tally and Rank in the Asian Games

Disclaimer: Kindly consult official website for any information, The above informations are just indicative.

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