Manipur Govt. Gazetted holidays 2022, Public, Bank, General, Restricted holidays list

Manipur Government offices Gazetted, Public, General holidays list 2022

The official Manipur state Government holidays order for year 2022 is here to download. There are Bank holidays, General holidays, Public holidays, Local holidays, Special holidays and Restricted holidays (List of National and Regional Holidays of Manipur in 2022 pdf, Manipur Public Holidays 2022 pdf, Holiday of Manipur government 2022 pdf, Manipur bank holiday list 2022 pdf, Manipur Government Holidays List 2022 PDF, Manipur holiday calendar 2022 pdf) in the state of Manipur.

Manipur state Government General holidays 2022 : Annexure – I :

The holidays mentioned below in Annexure – I shall be observed as General holidays or compulsory holidays in the offices of Manipur state Govt. during the calendar year 2022. There are 22 General holidays in Manipur.

Serial NumberManipur General Holidays NameManipur General Holidays DateManipur General Holidays Day
1New Year’s Day1 January, 2022Saturday
2lmoinu lratpa14 January, 2022Friday
3Gaan-Ngai15 January, 2022Saturday
4Republic Day26 January, 2022Wednesday
5Lui-Ngai-Ni15 February, 2022Tuesday
6Yaosang (Doljatra)18 March, 2022Friday
7Yaosang 2nd Day19 March, 2022Saturday
8Sajibu Nongmapanba (Cheiraoba)2 April, 2022Saturday
9Cheiraoba14 April, 2022Thursday
10Good Friday15 April, 2022Friday
11Khongjam Day23 April, 2022Saturday
12Id-ul-Fitr3 May, 2022Tuesday
13Kang (Rathajatra)1 July, 2022Friday
14Independence Day15 August, 2022Monday
15Janma Ashtami19 August, 2022Friday
16Mera Chaoren Houba of LaininQthou Sanamahi26 September, 2022Monday
17Jananeta Irawat Birth Day30 September, 2022Friday
18Durga Ashtami3 October, 2022Monday
19Diwali(Deepavali)25 October, 2022Tuesday
20Ningol Chakkouba27 October, 2022Thursday
21Kut1 November, 2022Tuesday
22Nupi-Lal12 December, 2022Monday
Manipur state Government General holidays 2022 : Annexure – I

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