Railways fare changes from 1st Jan, 2020

Railways has increased the fare of almost all the classes from Second class, sleeper class to AC class from 1 paisa to 4 paise per KM.

For the season ticket holders, the fare has not been increased, which is very good news for Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata etc. local train travelers. So the relief has been given here to sub-urban season tickets. But for the rest of classes, the fare has been increased and there is very sharp increase for AC classes by 4 paise per KM.

So, if you are travelling from Delhi to Mumbai or about 1000 KM by even AC 3-tier, you will have to pay Rs. 40/- more than you used to pay before this increase, and Rs. 20 more if you are travelling in Second class in any Mail/Express train.

But this increase in fare will not be applicable for already booked tickets.

The increase in fare KM-wise are here:

Sl. no.ClassFare Increase per KM
1Suburban (Single Journey)No change
2Season ticketsNo Change
32nd class ordinary (Non-AC)1 Paisa
4Sleeper class ordinary (Non-AC) 1 Paisa
5First class ordinary (Non-AC) 1 Paisa
6 2nd class Mail/Exp.(Non-AC) 2 Paisa
7Sleeper class Mail/Exp.(Non-AC) 2 Paisa
8First class Mail/Exp.(Non-AC) 2 Paisa
9AC chair car 4 Paisa
10AC 3-tier/3E 4 Paisa
11AC 2-tier 4 Paisa
12AC First class/EC/EA 4 Paisa

The ANI has posted this on its twitter handle, whic you can see here:

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