Camera for the blind !

We know that eyes can capture the beauty of our world. But what if one does not have eyesight? So, there is a hope for blind people as at least 2 developer has come up with a smart solution, so that they can also feel the natural beauty, man-made sculptures etc.

With the help of these smart camera, blind people can take photo as well as feel the shape too. Like if they take photo of Statue of Liberty or Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower, then they can feel the shape by touching the camera, which is 3D.

There are 2 companies among many more, who has come up with such smart camera:

1. Blindtouch – Camera for the blind:

Blindtouch camera has been developed by Piotr Cybulski, who has left his comfortable job of software engineer and decided to help the visually impaired people. So, he has prepared a prototype and very soon this camera will come in the market with better resolution and features.

The details and features of Blindtouch: (source:

blindtouch camera with buttons on top of it and logo on its front
Blindtouch Camera unit
  1. Blindtouch has two components: Camera and Base unit.
  2. Both the units are portable by battery powered.
  3. Camera is like any sony or nikon point and shoot camera.
  4. Base unit is slightly bigger, which have the 3D pin matrix.
  5. Base unit will have resolution of 70 x 50 pins at minimum.
blindtouch base box shape like unit with Eiffel tower printed on top of it
Blindtouch Base unit

How Blindtouch works for a blind person?:

  1. Through camera unit, the person will capture photo.
  2. The camera converts this photo into a format for base unit.
  3. Through memory card, photo is transferred to base unit.
  4. In base unit, that pin matrix will come out in the same shame of photo like ‘Braile’.
  5. By touching those pins or dots, he feels the photo.
Video explaining how Blindtouch works for a blind person

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2. 2C3D – Tactile Camera for the blind:

2C3D camera lets the blind person feel the touch. Tactile camera as the name suggest, means a sense of touch, tangible, which is pleasant to touch.

2C3D – Tactile Camera for the blind

The details and features of 2C3D – Tactile Camera:

  1. The camera creates 3D photos and videos both.
  2. The 3D screen, inspired by “Pin Toy,” is built by numerous 3D pixels that shift depending on the photo to forms the 3D shot on the screen surface.
  3. The user can touch the screen while photographing and feel what the camera is seeing, in real time.
  4. They can click and save the photo. The saved 3D file can be felt again later.
  5. The 2C3D performs as a camera for blind and as physical-digital photo album.


How 2C3D camera works

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Video showing How 2C3D camera works

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