WiFi Calling in India, Airtel vs Jio comparison

WiFi calling in India, Airtel or Jio? Which one is better?

Which one is better in Wi-Fi calling, Airtel vs Jio? In India, first Airtel started the VoWifi (Voice over Wi-Fi signal) calling or simply Wi-Fi calling feature in select cities followed by Reliance Jio. Already 1 million Airtel customers have opted for Wi-Fi calling feature till 10th Jan, 2020.

With WiFi calling feature, you can call without having mobile internet ON. It will help especially for indoor purpose, home or office, as usually the mobile signal strength remains weak there, but Wi-Fi signal is strong from any normal or FTTH broadband.

airtel vs Jio wifi calling
airtel vs Jio wifi calling : Image credit – telecomtalk.info

As indoor signal was the last-mile-signal-problem since the journey of mobile has started, not in India but all over the world. It was very much normal to run outside for network searching for outgoing call or incoming call. So, all these problems may be over with this feature VoWifi, as you can make or receive calls based on Wi-Fi signal from any broadband.

Also, the quality of voice in Wi-Fi calling is very rich as compared to mobile calling. With this feature, telecom companies may put some pressure back on whatsapp calling, wechat, skype etc. and give more values to telecom customers.

Airtel Wi-Fi calling – So, let’s check the Airtel first:

airtel wifi calling
airtel wifi calling: Image credit – telecomtalk.info

Airtel has launched VoWiFi in all India circles except J&K and NESA ( Northeast and Assam circle). There is no extra charge for it. It will work on any broadband. Pre-condition for wi-fi calling is Wi-Fi calling capable handset & 4G SIM.

How to Enable Airtel Wi-Fi calling on your Mobile:

  1. Upgrade OS Software, How CLICK HERE.
  2. Enable VoLTE Switch.
  3. Enable Wi-Fi Calling Switch. Settings > Wi-Fi and Internet > SIM and network > SIM 1 or SIM 2 > Turn on Wi-Fi Calling option.

Compatible Mobile Handsets for Airtel Wi-Fi calling:

Check here for your handset compatibility check. Almost all the latest smartphones has this supporting feature of Wi-Fi calling.

Jio Wi-Fi calling – Now, check for Jio VoWiFi:

Jio wifi calling
Jio wi-fi calling : Image credit – jio.com

How to Enable Jio wifi calling on your Mobile:

  • For Android devices: Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi calling > Enable it.
  • For iOS devices: Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi calling > Wi-Fi calling on this phone > Enable it.

Compatible Mobile Handsets for Jio wifi calling:

Check here for your handset compatibility check. Almost all the latest smartphones has this supporting feature of Wi-Fi calling. You can check the Wi-Fi calling video of Jio here:

Jio wi-fi calling video

After fighting over the increased telecom tariff of Airtel vs Vodafone-Idea vs Jio in Dec 2019, now the fight is for WiFi calling. The above was the comparison of features of wi-fi calling between Airtel and Jio, in which both the operators are giving superb performance and customers are also accepting it easily.

For this, you don’t need to expense anything extra as it is free with any active talk-time plan, even for roaming also, but it may cost you for international calls like ISD charges.

For seamless talking, make VoLTE switch on too, means mobile internet ON, so that if the Wi-Fi signal strength goes down or unavailable due to broadband modem power off etc., call will be switched to mobile internet. Like now for ‘data’ usage, signal toggles/switches between Wi-Fi and mobile, same will occur for ‘call’ also, based on the signal strength.

Now, please share your views which one you find better for calling feature in comment section.

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