Grey market premium (GMP) of Initial public offering (IPO)

Latest IPO grey market premium are mentioned below. The GMP of IPO varies on daily basis. So, you have to be updated latest for current rate.

Latest IPO grey market premium:

IPO nameIPO GMP value
Macrotech Developers IPO (Lodha Developers IPO)₹ 20-25
Barbeque-Nation Hospitality IPO₹ 0
Latest IPO grey market premium


  1. The price above is just an indicator.
  2. This GMP does not affect the listing price of IPO.
  3. Source of this information is ipowatch.

What is GMP – grey market premium of IPO?

GMP, grey market premium is an unofficial indicator of the listing price of IPO. If any IPO’ GMP is 25% more than its IPO price, then it is assumed that the IPO may list with premium of 20 to 30%. So, unofficially, it helps in deciding whether to apply in a particular IPO or not.

How GMP of an IPO is decided?

Based on the RHP, Red herring prospectus filed by company to SEBI, the balance sheet, financial conditions, the price band declared and the business model, GMP of any IPO is decided. But, overall the market condition, bull or bear affects the GMP and consequently its listing price.

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Kindly verify from RHP and concerned company for any clarification. This website does not endorse GMP based IPO application.

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