Expected IDA from 1st April 2023, for CPSE, PSU and Govt. employees

AICPIN-IW for December 2022 has been released by Labour ministry on 31.01.2023. So, the IDA from 1st April 2023 for PSU or CPSE of 3rd PRC and 2nd PRC and others will be known to us after the declaration of AICPIN-IW of December’22, January’23 and February’23 months.

DA hike for CDA pattern employees of CPSEs from 1st July 2022

DA hike for CDA pattern employees (HPPC) of CPSEs, drawing pay in 7th cpc pay scales, 6th cpc pay scales and 5th cpc pay scales, from 1st July 2022 has been declared by Department of Public Enterprises under Ministry of Finance.

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